in conversation: Peter Forsberg, Madeleine Hatz, Elin Strand Ruin, Jonatan Habib Enqvist, Mariam Jallow Tholozan


May 26-June 9, 2023
Galleri FFAR, Stockholm

Through satirical theatre actions in public spaces, activists from Extinction Rebellion [XR] have exposed the complicity of corporations and governments in the climate catastrophe. The exhibition shows photographer Brita Olsson’s images from these performance actions. Mariam Jallow Tholozan’s film composed of clips from many of them is projected onto the gallery’s shop window.

Demonstrations, civil disobedience, and undercover performances can be effective methods to communicate a need for change in society. History shows subversive and uplifting examples of this. In the coming decades we will need to make substantial changes in the way we live in the world. Solidarity between people is important to effect change and build stable communities. With this exhibition we initiate questions of the status of public space today, in Sweden and other parts of the world.  What are the limits for actions in city space, the limits of civil society physically and legally?  How can our shared places build community and hope for the future?

Participants in the satires: Samuel Jarrick, opera singer and actor; Mariam Jallow Tholozan, script writer and XRTV reporter; Madeleine Hatz, artist; and Peter Forsberg, Esther Hauer, Aviva Barczewska, Dirk Jan Luiting, and other activists.

Fritz Halvorsen, project director, FFAR Gallery
Stockholm, May 2023

link to feature in issue #18 of LiVEMAG! New York City